Halfway through my volunteer week and another great charity.  Harrogate Advocacy was formed in 1993 with the aim of delivering services for people in the Harrogate area.  Since it was established, the service has continued to grow and now provides support to around 300 people each year.

Working with older people and those with learning disabilities, mental health issues or chronic disease, it speaks up for those who often have difficulty speaking up for themselves.

I helped with general clerical duties and back office work enabling the trained frontline personnel to deliver the service.  I took incoming calls, did some research on local schools and generally helped out around the office and learnt about the valuable work the organisation does.

To St Michael’s

I had been looking forward to my visit to St Michael’s Hospiceas a volunteer. I had visited St Michael’s before several times, but I knew that vounteering would be a different perspective and I was keen to help them. St Michael’s is at the heart of our community, and does a marvellous job.

I was volunteering in the In Patient Unit and then with the day therapy team. This included making drinks for the patients, taking lunch orders and participating in the day activities.

St Michael’s is a special place. By definition a hospice deals with very difficult circumstances – situations that every family will have to face at some stage but that does not make it easy. It is really hard. But the team – professional and volunteer – could not be more caring; the atmosphere is loving and calm and cheerful.


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