St Michael’s Hospice

The process of setting up what was to later become St Michael’s Hospice (SMH) began with the opening in 1986 of a drop-in centre and telephone help-line to provide information for cancer sufferers. This was in the Oatlands Drive Convent, which subsequently became the first home of Saint Michael’s Hospice. Fundraising events, flag days and coffee mornings were organised by the growing number of supporters.

A short lease on the Convent meant it  was necessary to find a permanent home and it was decided to purchase, adapt  and equip Crimple House, so as to expand substantially the facilities and  services. An appeal was launched in 1992 to raise the £1.4m needed and in just  over 2 years the target was reached. With St Michael’s Hospice saying it was a
magnificent achievement reflecting the generosity of the Harrogate people.

A ten bed in-patient unit and a day  care centre for 12 patients was then opened in 1994. St Michael’s now have  their own medical director, a palliative care specialist, physiotherapist and  social worker who all play a major part in the development and training in
palliative care.

In April 2002 the registration of SMH  was changed from nursing home and is now classed as an independent hospital. St Michael’s now have over 450 volunteers working for them
in order to provide quality end-of-life care to those who need it. They have 5
shops in the Harrogate area all in order to raise money for new equipment and
medical care for their residents.

I  have visited SMH before to learn about the services they offer as well as to
see the finished results of recent refurbishments.


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