Harrogate and Area Council for Voluntary Services

Harrogate & Area Council for Voluntary Service (HACVS) is a Local Support and
Development Organisation.  HACVS aim to deliver their services in a
way that supports the local voluntary and community sector in all their areas
of activity.

HACVS also provide a signposting service to individuals, giving information about
local services.

In 2006 HACVS became one of the first Councils for Voluntary Services in the
country to be awarded the new Performance Standards Quality Award by the
national body, the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA).
HACVS are a registered charity and receive their main financial support from North
Yorkshire County Council
NHS North Yorkshire and York (North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust)  and Harrogate Borough Council.

HACVS  work with over 180 different voluntary and community groups who tell them about  the opportunities available to volunteers. HACVS operate a career centre which
provides information and advice about these opportunities to prospective
volunteers. These opportunities range from working with children, to administration,
to working outdoors, to working with older people and so on. With such a broad
range, HACVS endeavour to find a position which suits the individual and
although they don’t directly recruit volunteers they will put prospective
volunteers in touch with a suitable organisation or charity.

Last  year I volunteered at the HACVS, registering my details with them so that they
could advise me in which volunteer roles would be suitable. HACVS made some
really good suggestions for possible charities to volunteer for during the week
which proved a large help.


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