This is the second MP volunteer week of its kind run in the Harrogate
and Knaresborough constituency.

The idea is that I will volunteer for a different charity or organisation
every morning and afternoon for a week (roughly 10.00am-12noon in the morning
slot and 2.00pm-4.00pm in the afternoon slot). This volunteer week came about
as I wanted to publicise the role of the volunteer within our community and
also to raise the profile of Harrogate, Knaresborough and Boroughbridge based
charities and organisations and the volunteer sector as a whole.

Last year I took part in the volunteer week which was considered a large
success with the organisations and charities I visited highlighting how
important the volunteers are to our community.  I received positive feedback from all those involved with HCVS even  saying that they would be happy to help me with organising this year’s volunteer week.  During last year’s volunteer week I visited multiple charities and organisations such as the Harrogate Homeless project and Harrogate Hospital and Community Friends who took this as an opportunity to talk to me about problems they have been facing with the reorganisation of health services.  The Little Red Bus organisation, Age Concern Knaresborough and Harrogate Training Services (HTS) all gave positive feedback and HTS even told me how they were creating posters of everything they learnt that day. Community Care Boroughbridge were very pleased that I chose to visit them as they felt that as they are in Boroughbridge
they are often overlooked.  Orb Community Enterprise, Essential Needs, Pinewoods Conservation Group and the Samaritans Harrogate Branch also informed me that they felt that my visits went very well and were highly informative.


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